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When you sign up with Wally Kidd, you sign up with more than a real estate agent—you’re signing up with an authentic, trusted and sophisticated network ready to help you. It all begins simply enough, Wally takes the time to talk to you, but more importantly he listens—with care. Combine this with his prestigious real estate accolades, years of successful networking and a personal history with Walloon Lake and you begin to understand that Wally approaches real estate like an art form and a matter of joint trust. You sense the difference even before you see his custom-made sign on the property. 

Now Wally is the first to tell you that real estate isn’t rocket science. But it matters. 

Finding the right home is important. It affects family, the fit must be right. Wally will ask you to consider the unexpected—things that might not have occurred to you. That’s the Wally Kidd difference and it creates a nice by-product called integrity. And that’s just the start. Wally is available 24/7 to answer your questions. With offices in Petoskey, Boyne City and the newly opened Walloon Village office—the area is covered. No other real estate professional has made this kind of professional commitment.  

On the sell side, no one markets like Wally Kidd. The highest quality materials and state of the art technologies are used to market your property and Wally employs his own talented marketing team, enabling Wally to give your home the attention it deserves.

Wally Kidd

Wally Kidd

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