Local Communities

Spend a little time in northern Michigan and you’ll soon understand why generations of families and friends call this idyllic place home. Long summer days rarely climb above 75 degrees, perfect for afternoons spent out on the water. From May through October, an abundance of fresh, flavorful produce can be found at the numerous Farmers’ Markets throughout the area. Trilliums blanket the forest floor in the spring, while autumn delivers a show stopping display of colors. A deluge of snow descends throughout the winter, a welcome sight for skiers as well as those who relish the excuse to build a fire and stay cozy indoors. With little light pollution, you’ll find an abundance of stars in the sky year-round, and even may catch the northern lights. And no matter where you go in these northern woods, you are greeted with spectacular natural scenery, from crystal clear waters to lush second growth forests.

With a population that increases nearly 80% in summer, northern Michigan has been home to dozens of vibrant summer resort communities for nearly 150 years. As the logging industry collapsed in the late 1870s, the railroad companies pivoted to marketing this unspoiled countryside to tourists, referring to northern Michigan as “vacationland.” Publicizing a wealth of beautiful scenery, social occasions, and excellent fishing and boating, city dwellers flocked to newly built hotels to escape the summer heat further south. While the majority of the hotels of yore are long gone, in their place are an abundance of waterfront homes and quaint cottages to offer families a private oasis. Most part-time residents and visitors to the area still hail from the Midwest, only needing to drive a few hours north from the metropolises of Detroit, Chicago, and Grand Rapids. 

Each region of northern Michigan has its own distinct terrain, traditions, and beloved establishments that make each community wonderfully unique. Whether you’re looking to live here year-round, or just want an extraordinary second home, we hope our community guides will help you find your getaway in this stunning, relaxed corner of the world.

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