Extraordinary Marketing.

Who will you choose to market your real estate?

Wally Kidd is a perfectionist when it comes to marketing. Your property is special, and it requires a special buyer…one who pays attention to detail, who appreciates authenticity and lasting quality. Attracting that person’s attention requires effort and expertise, and Wally invests in both to present your property with care and creativity to the right people.

It starts with a sign…

Wally Kidd is a marketing expert.

Everything really comes down to the first impression, and in real estate, a sign is the first thing most buyers see when they are searching for property. Shouldn’t the first thing people associate with your property leave a positive lasting impression? Of course, it should, Wally understands the importance of this and has his signs custom made by Bruce Janssen of The Woodshop in Boyne City.

Keeping consistency through branding is important to Wally, every time a potential buyer makes contact with your property in person, in print, or online, they should experience a look of quality and beauty. Buyers are bombarded with homes of every kind for sale. Yours must stand out! Wally carefully selects the highest quality printed materials, photography, videography and online providers for marketing your property. These unique marketing materials are then distributed to potential buyers via direct mailing, social media, email marketing, and a multitude of different websites with reach well beyond the borders of Michigan and the United States.

Ways your property will be marketed…

  • Handmade wooden signs on street and lake sides of property
  • Detailed listings on various real estate websites including the newly designed WallyKidd.com
  • Digital Marketing (Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Networking and relationships
  • Advertisements in fine regional publications
  • Sales Sheets presented in person
  • Professional grade photography and videography

You’re in fine company…

The finest properties in the area are all right here.

Luxury property isn’t hard to find in Northern Michigan. The tricky part for buyers is finding “the one”… that place where they see themselves escaping and reviving, spending time doing what they love most. Wally and his team know how to evoke that response with imagery, color, and design. His marketing materials immediately say “this is worth looking at”. And when these exceptional properties are grouped together, their power is multiplied in the buyer’s eyes. The properties within their budget take on the same allure as those selling for much more by the power of association. Wally’s properties have appeared in all the right places, including national and regional venues where people see property information:

  • Traverse Magazine
  • Michigan Blue Magazine
  • Local Northern Michigan Publications
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Home Life Magazine
  • Wallykidd.com
  • Realtor.com
  • Trulia.com
  • Zillow.com