Internet Privacy Policy

Wally Kidd understands the concerns Internet users have about the privacy and security of information that is collected on our website. We respect your privacy, and we are committed to protecting it. This policy tells you how we do that.

Information Gathered by Wally Kidd

Wally Kidd gathers information about visitors to our website to improve the caliber of online information and services offered. There are two forms of data that Wally Kidd collects on our website: site visitorship data and personal information data. How we collect this information and what we do with it is discussed below.

Site Visitorship Data

Wally Kidd routinely gathers data on website activity. This information is collected on an aggregate basis on public areas of our website or on an individual basis on the password protected areas of our website that require website visitors to log on using an access code (e.g., user ID and password). Site visitorship data may include information such as the following:

  • How many people visit our website
  • The pages they visit and the features they use
  • How long they stay on our website
  • The domain name of the Internet website from which visitors are connecting

Site visitorship data is generally gathered through the use of cookies and pixel tags.

A cookie is a small piece of information that an Internet site sends to a visitor’s computer. In some cases, it is stored on the visitor’s hard drive. Cookies can save the visitor’s name, access codes, screen preferences, the pages of the site viewed by the visitor, and the advertisements viewed or clicked by the visitor. Visitors may decline receipt of the Internet cookie by using the appropriate feature of their website software, if available. Declining the Internet cookie may, however, interfere with a visitor’s ability to view certain content in our website.

A pixel tag is an invisible tag placed on certain pages of our website and is used to track an individual user’s activity on the password protected areas of our website. A pixel tag is also known as a clear gif.

Personal Information Data

Wally Kidd collects personal information data such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. that website visitors provide when they complete any online form, application, survey, or when they request information on a property.