Information on Walloon Lake 


Before it was called Walloon Lake, it was called Bear Lake until the late 1800's when the name was changed. In its early days, Walloon Lake was home to about 300 year-round residents. It wasn't until 1891 that a train station was put in at Walloon Lake and 2 years later, a steam-powered canal boat was brought to the lake. The boat, named The Tourist, reached 82-feet long and had room for a 14-person band to perform live music. Around the same time, resorts started to open on the lake and by the 1920's people started building homes there. What started off as a little town for the logging industry has turned into one of the most beautiful places to visits in Michigan!

Things To Do:

Looking for things to do in Walloon Lake? They have some excellent fishing that can be enjoyed both during the summer and winter. There are also a few historic sites that can be visited in the area including the Hemingway family cottage. Nestled between Boyne City and Petoskey, the night life can be very fun and exciting. Be sure to grab your skis and head north to Walloon Lake during the winter months. The skiing is one of a kind in Michigan!


Walloon Lake holds a number of species of fish, including Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Largemouth Bass, Blue Gill, Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye and Perch. It is a popular lake for summer fishing from a boat and winter fishing on the ice. Walloon Lake is known for many Michigan Master Angler Awards for both Rock Bass and Smallmouth Bass. 

Historic Sites:

The two main historical attractions for Walloon Lake would be the Windemere, which is the childhood summer home of Ernest Hemingway. The house is still owned by the Hemingway family. The Walloon Lake Inn is also a place that a lot of history enthusiasts will visit. It is now a fine dining restaurant and culinary school.

Lake Information:

  • Area: 1.355 mi²
  • Elevation: 712'
  • Surface Area: 4,270 Acres
  • Max. Depth: 100 ft
  • Zip Codes: 49712, 49713, 49796
  • Township: Melrose
  • Area Code: 231

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